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Presented by NVLP, Visionary Roundtable Discussions featured an intimate discussion with one of our NVLP Visionaries, a younger, accomplished contemporary, and an audience of students and other community members. NVLP webcast these topical conversations live and now archives them here on our website so that the wisdom of our elders may be passed on to the next generation.

John Hope Franklin and Camille Cosby
Originally Webcast January 31, 2007

Ruby Dee, Actress, Writer, Activist
Originally Webcast July 26, 2006
Faith Ringgold - Artist, Author, Educator
Topic: The Black Artist’s Role in Today’s African American Community. Activist? Educator? Businessperson? All/None Of The Above? - Originally Webcast September 15, 2004
Odetta - Singer, Activist
Topic: Who Sings My Song? - Originally Webcast April 20, 2004
Bishop Barbara Harris - Religious Leader
Topic: Change For The Future: The Church, Youth and Society - Originally Webcast September 10, 2003
Leatrice McKissack - Business Leader
Topic: Cracking The Business Code - Originally Webcast May 28, 2003
Sister Mary Alice Chineworth - Religious Leader
Topic: The Church In The Black Community: Which Way From Here?Originally Webcast April 3, 2003
Robert Guillaume - Actor
Topic: What's wrong with this picture? Television's portrayal of the African American family, in particular, the African American male. - Originally Webcast November 13, 2002