Brown v. Board Decision
Brown v. Board Response
Integration Implemented
Discrimination Challenged
Wage and Salary Income Difference
Less Than Deliberate Speed
Emmett Till
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
The NAACP vs. Alabama's Highest Court
The Southern Manifesto
First Black TV Series Host
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
1957 Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom
Protests Against Gerrymandering
Civil Rights Bill Filibuster
Little Rock Nine
What We Want
The NAACP vs. Alabama's Highest Court II

Civil Rights Act of 1957

1959 Census Report
New Haven, CT "Urban Renewal" Project Begins

Little Rock Graduation

The Sit-In Movement Begins
The Nashville Student Sit-ins
The Birth of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Protest in Atlanta

The University of Georgia vs. Hunter & Holmes
CORE Begins Freedom Rides
Freedom Riders Reach Anniston, GA
Freedom Rides Continue
Mississippi Voter Drive
First Black Admiral
The Albany Movement
The University of Mississippi vs. James Meredith
Congressional Election Firsts
Jackie Robinson Enters the Baseball Hall of Fame
Birmingham Project C (for confrontation) Launched
Segregation Now, Tomorrow and Forever
Kennedy's 1963 Civil Rights Address
Medgar Evers Assassinated
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
Bomb Kills Four Little Girls

President Kennedy Shot in Dallas, TX

The Presidential Medal of Freedom
Malcolm X Breaks with the Nation of Islam

Freedom Summer

Three Civil Rights Workers Disappear

1964 Civil Rights Act

Economic Opportunity Act Passed
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
The Presidential Medal of Freedom II
Dr. King Receives the Nobel Peace Prize
24th Amendment Ratified
Malcolm X Assassinated
First Black to Star in Weekly TV Series
Selma March/Bloody Sunday
Turning Back the Tide
Road to the Voting Rights Act
1st Black Woman U.S. Ambassador

The Voting Rights Act of 1965

The Chicago Freedom Movement
Judge Constance Baker Motley
Supreme Court Upholds the Voting Rights Act
James Meredith's March Against Fear
The Rise of "Black Power"

Racial Violence

The Black Panther Party
Dr. King Opposes Vietnam War

Sports and Politics

Interracial Marriage
Racial Violence Continues
Black Power Conference
Marshall Appointed to the Supreme Court

Kerner Commission Report

Howard University
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassinated
Student Protest at Tuskegee University
Fair Housing Act
SCLC Leadership Changes
International Black Power
Call Me By Name

Presidential Appointments

Black Entertainment
Cornell University
Minority Hiring and the Philadelphia Plan
Black Panther Leader Fred Hampton
The Black Condition
Race Riot
Jackson State University
Ohio State University
The NAACP vs. the U.S. Government
Supreme Court Rulings-Busing
Supreme Court Rulings-Job Tests
Riot at Attica Correction Facility
Black Entertainment
National Black Political Convention
Nixon Signs Anti-busing Bill
Angela Davis Acquitted
Supreme Court Rulings
Congressional Election Firsts