Freedom Summer

African-American man crouches on the ground and reacts to strikes from a crowd of state police with night sticks, following failed sit-in demostrations.

June-August - McComb, MS - As Co-Director of the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), an umbrella organization for all major civil rights groups then working in Mississippi, and a leading SNCC figure, Bob Moses was the main organizer of COFO's Freedom Summer project, a campaign to educate and register as many Black Mississippi voters as possible. The campaign included 1,000 voluteers. Moses also helped to establish the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (which would later be led by Fannie Lou Hamer). SNCC leaders also organized and ran Freedom Schools for neigborhood children and adults and set up health clinics. While citizens responded with mass violence and destruction including bombings, shootings and beatings. For all intents and purposes, Mississippi was "burning."