Student Tools:


Lesson Designers: K. Wise Whitehead and Fayetta Martin
Grade: Middle/High School
Unit: The Civil Rights Movement 1954-1972
Lesson Duration: Two 60-minute periods

In order to fully understand this lesson, students should have mastered the indicators covering the impact of the Dred Scott v. Sanford and the Plessy v. Ferguson cases on American racial politics; the early development of the Civil Rights Movement and the resistance to segregation in both the North and South from 1945-1960 and the political and social impacts of America's earliest responses to segregation. If necessary, provide a brief overview of the aforementioned topics to prepare them for this lesson.

Lesson Essentials:

Primary source "packets" comprised of:
1. NVLP clips or transcripts
2. Images
3. Speeches & Documents

Additional Materials
4. Historiography
5. Words and Phrases
6. Worksheets: Success or Failure analysis sheets (one per student)

Classroom Materials:

1. Chart paper
2. Students' in-class journals
3. United States physical map
4. Activity Bins (colored paper, markers, scissors, glue, tape, etc.)
5. The song *Motherless Chil' from Sweet Honey in the Rock (or any song that either discusses or was sung during the Civil Rights Movement)

*Audio is available on the Sweet Honey in the Rock CD "...Twenty-Five..."; sheet music is available in the songbook Continuum. See Sweet Honey in the Rock website for details.

Student Tools:

1. Student Site (opens in new page)
2. Timeline (opens in new page)

Technical Requirements:

To teach this lesson, you will need:

1. A computer with Internet connection
2. Windows Media Player (free download)
3. A PDF reader (for example, Adobe Acrobat, free download)
4. Speakers attached to the computer



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