Educational Resources
Student Activities

Teachers can use the NVLP site in the classroom and as a resource for extracurricular and community activities. Here are some ways you can use the video clips, transcripts and biographies on our website.

Jonathan McCrury, left, and Marlin Russ,
both former students of the Duke Ellington
School of the Arts, perform in a 20-minute
play about the late Oscar Brown Jr.
Language Arts Activities
Schools are using the videos and transcripts from the NVLP archive to help their students build skills in language arts. For example, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the Children’s Studio Center in Washington, DC created a poetry performance and play based upon the life and work of NVLP Visionary Oscar Brown, Jr. Through this rich multimedia experience, the students are using their literacy skills, including reading, critical thinking, analyzing and interpreting to create a non-print communication of what they've learned.

Media Literacy Activities

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about the
Dunbar Oral
History Project
Teachers are using the NVLP approach to create multimedia projects of their own. For example, Dunbar Senior High School in Washington, DC partnered with the Dunbar Alumni Federation to create the Dunbar Oral History Project.

Sixteen Dunbar students were paired with eight Dunbar alumni. The students conducted videotaped interviews with the alumni on growing up in the Nation’s Capitol and attending Dunbar senior high school over fifty years ago. Each interview will become part of the Dunbar Alumni Federation’s permanent archives.

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