William Brantley
VHFP Visionary

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1934


Interviewed by
Danielle Spanner
West Chester University

William E. Brantley was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1934. While his parents divorced when he was young, Brantley grew up in a close-knit family that included his mother, two grandmothers, aunts, a brother, and two sisters. In his youth, his favorite pastimes were riding his bike around the neighborhood, playing in the park, and helping his neighbors out. He attended Holmes Elementary School and later attended Sayre Middle School. In the classroom, Brantley grew from being a “fair student” to being a “good student.” His interest in reading books contributed to his growth. At West Philadelphia High School, one of Philadelphia’s strongest schools in terms of academics at the time, Brantley decided to further his education. He attended Temple University, where he received his Bachelors degree in History and later earned his Doctoral Degree of Education at Lehigh University.           

After graduating from Lehigh University, Dr. Brantley became the principal of a high school in York, Pennsylvania. This large high school prepared him to become an assistant superintendent of the West Chester School District. Dr. Brantley served there for twenty years before retiring. Dr. Brantley is currently an active member of many community organizations, clubs, and groups, including The Scotland School for Veterans Children, Workforce Investment Board, Chester County Boy Scouts, Chester County Historical Society, Goshen Optimist Club, Alec Melton Community Center, Senior Center Advisory Committee, Delaware Valley Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Act 101 at West Chester University, and the NAACP.  He remains committed to his community and the values that he has carried with him throughout his life because he strongly believes that “later it will do more to help than anything else.”



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