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BQN Lesson Plans

The five BQN lesson plans developed by NVLP build on one another and culminate in a broader discussion about social justice and racial healing. The lessons are part of a curriculum package that includes lesson plans, mini-documentary style “webisodes” and other oral history video clips, books, articles, photos and other primary resources, and teacher supports. NVLP developed the lesson plans to align with Common Core standards and the C3 Framework. Click here to access the Teach-In Lesson Plans.

BQN Webisodes

The following “webisodes”—brief web-based videos based upon NVLP’s oral history interviews—are part of the BQN Lesson Plans.  They can also be used with other lessons on Civil Rights and African American history.

The March on Washington

Women of the Civil Rights Movement

Racism & Sexism

Wyatt Walker – The Activism that Led to the 1964 & 1965 Civil Rights Acts


NVLP Video Clips: National Visionary Leadership Project Interviews

Rev. Willie Barrow “Women’s Involvement with the March on Washington.” 

Myrlie Evers-Williams “On Medgar’s Assassination”.  

Constance Baker Motley “On Martin Luther King, Jr.” 

Resources on African American history; the Civil Rights Movement, human rights; racial equality and social justice


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