Program at a Glance

BQN’s Program Goals are:

  • To impact Culturally Responsive Teaching using the National Visionary Leadership Project’s (NVLP) Black Quilted Narratives
  • To use NVLP’s visionary narratives about the Civil Rights Movement to begin to frame conversations around social justice and racial healing

BQN’s Objectives are:

  • To increase the capacity to impact instructional practices
  • To strengthen teachers’ competence to develop and deliver culturally responsive instruction
  • To increase the number of BCPSS teachers who are using NVLP resources to support culturally responsive instruction
  • To utilize NVLP videos and other BQN resources to increase students' knowledge and awareness of the role of the Civil Rights Movement in shaping social justice and healing

BQN Summer Teacher’s Institute highlights:

  • Expand knowledge and understanding of the ways in which African Americans contributed to shaping American history
    • Learn best practices for using oral histories in the classroom
    • Watch and discuss NVLP visionary interviews
  • Participate in diversity training sessions
    • Explore concepts about diversity and culturally responsive teaching methods,
  • Read and discuss primary and secondary source material with historians
  • Have daily small break-out group pedagogical sessions (supported by a curriculum lead)
  • Participate in the following workshops and activities:
    • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (including demonstrations)
    • Diversity training
    • Exploring the Civil Rights Movement
    • Women of the Civil Rights Movement
    • Social Justice and Racial Healing
    • How to implement the lesson plans
  • Teacher Assignment
    • Teachers learn how to create a warm-up activity to introduce the BQN lesson plans into their classroom lessons.

    BQN Lesson Plans

    BQN Summer Scholars are provided strategies for integrating the BQN lesson plans into their classroom lessons. Upon returning to their classrooms, teachers hone their skills in culturally responsive teaching using the BQN curriculum support package to engage students in conversations about social justice and racial healing. The package includes lesson plans, mini-documentary style “webisodes” and other oral history video clips, books, articles, photos and other primary resources, and teacher supports. NVLP developed the lesson plans to align with Common Core standards and the C3 Framework.