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The Black Quilted Narratives Teach-In curriculum package includes a series of lesson plans (five for the full year; three for the Fall semester; and two for the Spring Semester), a primary source package, four webisodes (that can be used with the lesson plans or as a stand-alone resources), and optional assessment activities that can be used either with the lesson or integrated into the existing American history curricula throughout the academic school year.

It is designed in part to be used in conjunction with the NVLP website, which currently has a modern Civil Rights Movement timeline; a series of lesson plans that cover the strategy of nonviolence, women in the modern Civil Rights Movement, and the history of the Movement; an online dictionary of Words and Phrases; and, additional Visionary interviews.

In an effort to document the work that will be done in the classrooms, scholars are asked to complete a monthly short evaluation of the lesson plan and forward it to NVLP along with three—five exemplar student projects.