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"We Dream Of A World With..." Applying the Lessons from the modern Civil Rights Movement

Full Year Teach-in (5 lessons)


The final Teach-In, which is designed to take place in February (during Black History Month), has two objectives: 1.) Students will learn how to lead conversations among their peers and with their family on racial healing; and 2.) Students will reflect on, and process, the past five months of training. Using the March on Washington as a starting point for this discussion, students will talk about this historic event and the aftermath from it. They will then have a whole group discussion to process the Teach-Ins and then complete a post-evaluation to demonstrate not only how much they have learned about racial healing, equity, social justice and inclusion; but also, how much they have learned about themselves.


Cell Phones or Computers (for Teach-In Evaluation)
Television or Computer to view the webisodes and videos
Access to the Internet
Postcards from Teach-In #1


  1. If students completed the Optional Assessment, have them share out and discuss some of their thoughts and feelings about diversity; race, class, and gender; social justice; and, racial healing.

  2. Tell students that they have come to the end of the Five-Month Teach-In program and they will spend the day wrapping up and concluding the discussion.

  3. Give students their postcards and have them add one sentence from their reflection to their postcards and work to create a postcard quilt. The postcards can either be taped together or yarn can be used to attach them to one another. Students should bring their postcard to the front of the room, share what they have written, and then add it to the quilt. Once all postcards have been connected it can be hung up in the room or somewhere in the building.

  4. Students should take ten-fifteen minutes to write an essay that uses the postcards to answer the prompt: I Dream Of A World With...

  5. Once finished, tell the students that they are going to work in small groups to make a list of the top ten things that any student should know about the Civil Rights Movement.

Independent Practice

  1. Using the Internet and class notes, students should spend the bulk of the time discussing, debating, and revising their list. Each selected activity, must be explained.

Wrap Up

  1. Students will share-out their Top Ten List. One student should act as the scribe and put all of the events on the board to ultimately create a class-created list.

Optional Assessment

  1. Have students either take out their phones or move to a computer station to complete the BQN Post-Evaluation using Survey Monkey.